Seriously consider buying fixtures from the plumbing contractor who will be installing the fixtures.

Monday May 7, 2012

There are several problems with purchasing fixtures from a retailer or third party and then hiring a plumbing contractor to install the fixtures. The first problem is that the consumer who purchased the fixtures becomes responsible for dealing with any type of warrantee issue from the manufacturer. By purchasing the fixtures from a plumber, any warrantee issues are the responsibility of the plumber. Another problem is in the quality of fixtures. There is a difference between retail store fixture quality and professional fixture quality, even in the most well known brand names. The lower quality of the retail fixture can require more time and difficulty in installation. Another possible problem is that the plumbing contractor may not be familiar with the brand or type of fixture which also will lead to a lengthier time to install. Many customers think they are saving money by purchasing their own fixtures but they end up paying significantly more (typically at least $45.00/half hour) for installation.

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